Proper Prep Services concludes first month of business with customers wanting more

Brian Likins hopes to share his 60-pound weight loss journey with more than family and friends as Proper Prep Services, a new meal preparation service located on McCoy Street in Opelika, finishes its first month of operations.

The service’s journey started about three years ago. With the support of his friends, family and his church community, Likins went on a weight loss journey from 240 to 178 pounds. Proper Prep Services grew out of his passion for cooking and his workout partner’s distaste for it. 

“He was like, ‘Hey, you like to cook; I hate cooking,’” Likins said, in reference to his first workout partner and first customer, David Nail. 

Nail told the story a bit differently.

“He said, ‘We’ll split the grocery bill, and I’ll cook,’ so I said, ‘Shoot, let’s do it,'” Nail said. “I’m not married to it.”

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