Property tax burden shifting from business to residential

First of a two-part series. The second part will publish Tuesday.

Editor’s note: The Press is publishing a series of articles on issues related to rampant growth, including its impact on taxes. This is one of those stories, Part 1 of a two-part series. Part 2 will be published in Tuesday’s Press.

POST FALLS – Data shows residential property owners are paying disproportionally more taxes than their commercial counterparts, and Post Falls officials are among those saying recent legislation isn’t helping.  

Several bills have attempted to ease the rapid rise of property taxes in Idaho over the years. In the 2021 session, House Bill 389 aimed to change the formula and slow growth by setting a cap on how much cities and counties can collect from taxpayers. 

However, it’s not just cities and counties that impact property taxes. Other taxing entities like highway, water and library districts rely on…

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