Q&A with Susan M. Horton

President and CEO,  Wheatland Bank

Susan M. Horton, CPA

Employees you oversee:

151 employees, 8 directors and 440 shareholders.

Brief background of your business:

Wheatland Bank is a locally-owned, full-service community bank headquartered in Spokane, with 14 branches throughout eastern and central Washington and over 400 local shareholders. Wheatland Bank was founded in Davenport, Washington, by local people 42 years ago to serve the needs of the local community of farmers and businesses with specialized agricultural and business banking expertise.

Wheatland Bank is a full-service commercial and consumer bank but is still the only agriculturally-specialized bank in the state, according to the Federal Reserve’s definition of 30% or more of its portfolio in agriculture loans.

Wheatland Bank focuses on helping businesses, farmers, ranchers and consumers succeed by offering the highest quality personalized banking relationships…

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