Ransomware attacks surge, growing 93% each week

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Ransomware attacks have surged in volume around the world over the last year, according to new data published Monday by cybersecurity firm Check Point Research.

The number of ransomware attacks, in which a bad actor seizes a company or individual’s data and withholds it until a ransom is paid, have increased by 93% each week over the last 12 months, according to Check Point. North America has experienced a 32% surge in ransomware attacks in the last six months alone.

“The ransomware business is booming. We’re seeing global surges in ransomware across every major geography, especially in the last two months,” said Lotem Finkelsteen, head of threat intelligence at Check Point Software. “We believe the trend is driven by scores of new entrants into the ransomware business. 

“Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse, as I don’t think we’ve seen the peak…

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