Recycling audits offer businesses information, incentives

FAYETTEVILLE — Companies interested in recycling waste from their businesses, but in need of information on how to do it, are the target of business recycling audits offered by Northwest Arkansas solid waste districts.

Justin Taylor, program coordinator and environmental educator with the Boston Mountain Solid Waste District, said the district has offered the audits for several years but is trying to increase the reach of the program as part of a larger effort to boost recycling in Northwest Arkansas being undertaken in conjunction with the Northwest Arkansas Council.

Taylor said the solid waste district did between 20 and 25 business recycling audits in the years he has been involved. He said with the additional emphasis on recycling, the short-term goal is to do work with 25 businesses by spring 2022.

“It’s going to take some buy-in from the businesses and some outreach on our part, but I think it’s doable,” he said.

Taylor said the business…

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