Red tide killing more than just fish as businesses struggle

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Red tide is killing more than just fish in the Bay area, it is also killing business for most places along the water. 

Fresco’s owner David Scokol feels like lately, nature has a personal thing against his restaurant. 

“We shut down for the hurricane and then we opened after there wasn’t any damage, but then we could not open because the red tide smell was so bad,” he said. 

Once he was finally reopened after a couple of days, Scokol said business has only been 10% of what it normally is. 

However, if you go a few miles south where Big Catch restaurant sits on Salt Creek just off the Bay, General Manager Mike Delvin said you can hardly smell the fish at all. 

“Here on Salt Creek we actually are fed as the tide goes out from Lake Maggiore,” he explained. “So it’s primarily fresh water on the outgoing tide and when it comes in, it’s a little brackish, so we do mix with the Bay, but our whole water source gets replenished…

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