Remarks by President Biden Before a Meeting With Business and Labor Leaders

Roosevelt Room

4:43 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, I’m delighted you’re all here.  I’m meeting with a group of labor and business leaders who — and this is one of those meetings I’ve been looking forward to.

They’re not here to negotiate with one another.  The good news is they’ve been here negotiating — not negotiating — supporting what we’re trying to get done on the infrastructure bill.

And I know that we’re looking for this bipartisan effort to get this infrastructure bill passed.  As you all know, and they share my belief that it’s both in the interest of business and labor to get this done.

And — and it’s about — not about energy versus environment, it’s not about business versus labor; it’s all about, basically, a race to the future.

I’ve been traveling the world lately and — back out where I used to spend a lot of time, in the G7 and meeting with the summits with the…

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