Rising pump prices putting a squeeze on business

Steve Paul has spent just about all of his career behind the wheel.

“It’s definitely interesting, and every place you go, you meet new people,” said Paul, supervisor and driver for Capitaland Logistics. “I graduated high school in 1983, and all I ever wanted to do was drive a truck.”

For the past five years, Paul has been a driver and supervisor for Capitaland Logistics, a courier and freight service in the Capital Region.

“If everything runs smoothly, this is my job: I pick stuff up and I put stuff down. It’s fun to me,” he said.

Most of Paul’s routes are fairly close to home, but he says he burns plenty of miles out of town.

“We do a lot of trips down to New York City and pretty much everywhere, and sometimes the gas bill is out of control,” he said.

Rising about 10 cents in just the past month, the American Automobile Association (AAA) reports the average price for gas in America is up roughly a dollar since last year,…

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