San Jose closes down ‘nuisance business’ Agave Sports Bar

San Jose has shut down Agave Sports Bar & Grill (544 W. Alma Ave.) after a fatal accident, a double shooting, and months of investigation into alleged lockdown-violation parties, prostitution and drug use there, the city’s police department said Thursday.

“This establishment has been the source of dozens of calls from residents and neighbors reporting various dangerous and illegal incidents. In addition, at the onset of the Covid pandemic, we received calls reporting that the bar was open and violating the stay-at-home orders,” San Jose police said in a release provided to this news organization.

The department’s vice unit has been investigating and monitoring activities at the bar since December of 2020, police said. 

“The purpose of the action was to address the serious safety and quality of life issues caused by this business. Agave’s closure is an appropriate resolution,” commented City Attorney Nora Frimann.

Police detailed the…

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