Scott business owner complains about arrest; police respond

The owner of a popular restaurant is complaining about his arrest by Scott Police officers – but their chief says they followed the rules.

“My charge….as far as I know was being a suspicious Black Man, in a Blacked out vehicle,” says Jerry Bobb, owner of the Super Taters restaurant on Cameron Street.

Bobb posted on social media that he was arrested Monday on two counts of resisting an officer after he had a run-in with Scott Police officers Friday night.

Bobb says he was pulled over after leaving his business. He says he filed a complaint about his interaction on Monday morning, and that afternoon he was arrested, in his restaurant, for resisting an officer.

Scott Police say Bobb was pulled over after officers saw a vehicle parked in a dark parking lot outside a shopping center. It was almost 11 p.m. and all the businesses in the shopping center were closed, Chief Chad Leger told KATC. Bobb wasn’t parked near his business, but near another business -…

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