Slugs converge on Santa Cruz business district for Downtown Day

Last Friday, so many UC Santa Cruz students converged on downtown that they kept bumping into each other. 

“Oh, sorry, excuse me,” was a constant refrain as groups of beaming undergraduates edged past each other on busy Pacific Avenue sidewalks. 

The big draw was the first-ever Downtown Day, the result of a partnership between UC Santa Cruz and the Downtown Association. Informal, interactive, and fast-paced, the day included a scavenger hunt, street performances by student groups, and a free screening of Jordan Peele’s horror movie, Us, at Santa Cruz Cinema. Peele’s movie was filmed in several locations in Santa Cruz, including the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

This spirited group of students—a mix of first-years, transfers, and returning third- and fourth-years—looked excited, grateful, and a bit overwhelmed by the bustle and activity. 

“This is really fun, but it’s a bit chaotic—so many students!” said Jasmine Nemerovski (Oakes…

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