Small Business Is The Next Huge Thing, As Faire Reaches $7 Billion Valuation

Online wholesale marketplace Faire is now valued at $7 billion following the latest funding round.


Online wholesale marketplace Faire, which was created to make life easier for small retailers, artisans and mom-and-pop manufacturers, now is valued at $7 billion following the latest infusion of funding.

Faire’s valuation tripled as a result of the funding round. It has gone from startup to unicorn-times-seven in just four years.

The $260 million Series F investment round is another sign that tech investors are betting there is money to be made with digital solutions for small businesses.

The success of Shopify, the small-business focused web-hosting platform, which has seen its stock soar from an initial offering at $17 in 2015 to over $1,220 currently, has made investors eager to get in on the next big thing for small business.

Faire’s business model is to give local retailers the same tools enjoyed by big retailers -…

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