Some Georgia business owners say they are fed up with FedEx

Business owners upset over shipping delays

An Atlanta-area business owner is upset over shipping delays using FedEx.

AUSTELL, Ga. – Some FedEx Customers report they are fed up with the shipping delays from the carrier. 

Many of the issues stem from a major shipping facility located in Austell. 

Business owner Robert Tuck is waiting on two packages to be delivered by FedEx.

“They look in the system and they see the same information you have and maybe a little more then they are not helpful after that,” Tuck said. 

According to tracking information, there seems to be a misleading trend. 

“Time after time they say it’s on the truck for delivery but it never actually got on the truck for delivery,” Tuck said.

According to tracking information, one of Tuck’s items was shipped on June 21.

It arrived at the Austell Facility early morning on June 25 and an hour later was reported to have been on a truck for delivery for the day.

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