St. Petersburg man indicted for another fraudulent ticket business

A St. Petersburg man with a history of fraud and larceny was indicted by the federal government — which is seeking a judgment of more than $1.8 million — on Friday.

Thomas Coelho, 52, also known as Thomas Jurewicz, was indicted on two counts of wire fraud, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

From 2016 to 2019, Coelho recruited investors for a business that bought event tickets and sold them to a third party for profit. Coelho used his association with people in the entertainment industry to give him credibility, according to the indictment.

Thomas Coelho was arrested by St. Petersburg police in 2009, accused of duping a St. Pete woman out of $115,000 worth of Super Bowl tickets. He has been indicted for fraud in a ticket business again. [ St. Petersburg Police Department (2009) ]

He made the investors a promise for massive returns. He provided them with false financial documents to convince them to invest more. But instead of using their…

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