Stockbridge single mother of 4 starts statue restoration business

MASON, Mich. — Mother of four Heather Bishop of Stockbridge quit her job as a nurse’s aide the November before COVID hit due to babysitting issues. But, a few months ago, she discovered what she calls her saving grace: giving new life to old statues.

“My mom had a statue and I absolutely hated it. I absolutely hated it ever since I was a kid,” Bishop laughed.​

Chris Lewis, FOX 47 News, 2021

She decided she was going to repaint the statue.

“After that I just kind of got the idea like, maybe there’s other people out there that have ugly statues that they kind of want to just breathe new life into,” Bishop said.

She was onto something.

Chris Lewis, FOX 47 News, 2021

Steven Dunn found Bishop on a Stockbridge community Facebook page after she posted her work. Dunn’s grandfather emigrated from Lithuania to the U.S. with a dream and an 80-pound statue of the Virgin Mary. After all these years, Dunn wanted the…

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