Tennessee makes ‘perfect sense’ for California exodus, brewery cofounder says

FOX Business’ Madison Alworth reports on two businesses that moved from California to Nashville, Tenn., citing high taxes in the Golden State as the main reason.

The number of businesses fleeing California is on the rise with some companies moving to Nashville, Tenn., citing lower taxes as a main driver. 

“Tennessee made perfect sense because we knew we could gain more, grow more and do better here in this space, in this state, than we would in California for sure,” Janet Mueller, a partner at Bold Patriot Brewing Company in Nashville, said in an interview that aired on Thursday on “Mornings with Maria.” 

FOX Business’ Madison Alworth reported that the decision for Bold Patriot Brewing Company to move from California to Nashville took place just as the company was about to sign a seven-year lease in the Golden State. 

Mueller said, “We all kind of stopped and pondered and then looked at each other, and were like, ‘Do we really want to…

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