Tesla Broke Free Supercharging Promise With ‘Idle Fees’: Lawsuit

  • A Tesla owner said Tesla broke its promise to give early customers free lifetime Supercharger access.
  • Tesla adds a fee when fully charged cars are left at Supercharger charging stations.
  • The owner, who filed a class-action lawsuit on June 24, had refused to pay these “idle fees.”
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A Tesla owner filed a class-action complaint against the automaker, saying it broke its promise of free lifelong electric-vehicle charging for some owners.

To boost sales from 2012 to 2016, Tesla promised buyers of most of its models that they could use its network of Superchargers for free for life.

But in late 2016, the company introduced fees for drivers who left their cars at Superchargers after the vehicles had finished charging. These US “idle fees” are $0.50 a minute, or…

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