Texas A&M transfer Camron Buckley all business in IU arrival – The Daily Hoosier

Camron Buckley didn’t leave Texas A&M because he had anything against the place. He liked the school, he liked the program, and said he enjoyed his time there.

He left because he thought he could do more for his future prospects elsewhere.

“Leaving was just a business decision,” Buckley said. “I still love College Station, still love A&M, still love all the coaching staff there. It was just a business decision for me personally.”

And in case it wasn’t clear what he meant by “business decision,” Buckley drove the point home with his attire in a Zoom press conference on Thursday. He wore a black hooded sweatshirt with two words written in cursive emblazoned randomly all over it — “get money.”

Connecting the obvious dots there, Buckley plans on playing professional football, and even though Texas A&M is still the more prestigious college football program, he believed Indiana would give him a better chance to make his case to NFL…

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