The Birds-Eye View Of Amazon’s Advertising Business

Amazon’s advertising business has exploded in the past five years.

Its DSP footprint now rivals Google and it has the second most-used SSP. The online retailer earned more than $22 billion in ad revenue just in the past year.

But Amazon’s advertising business is also a sprawling, mysterious empire, even for advertisers that spend heavily on the platform.

Take video, for example: Amazon built Fire TV, the beating heart of its video advertising ambitions, and also owns Twitch, which started testing direct programmatic deals last year. There is iMDB TV, a free streaming channel owned by Amazon. In-feed video spots appear in Amazon searches to review or explain products, and Amazon Ad Platform (AAP), its DSP, serves programmatic video spots across the web.

“It’s a conversation we need to have with every Amazon advertiser we work with, to explain the different types of video advertising, which all have different ways they can be tracked and…

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