The Challenges Of Raising Capital For Business Owners In The Femtech Industry

Julia Slanina is the Founder and CEO of Treehouse Medical, which strives to empower women and women’s health issues through femtech software. Treehouse Medical does so by building a digital care management platform designed to help allied maternal healthcare providers support their clients through an accessible and innovative community.

Treehouse Medical works with clinics, sole practitioners, agencies, and health care networks interested in offering their client network an integrative tech solution for the maternal-fetal and early childhood community.

Julia Slanina

David Kawai

The femtech space is up and coming and supports the health of women through technology. Treehouse Medical’s mission is to tackle some of the world’s most significant issues in healthcare, starting with building a leading care management solution for the maternal health community.

As things stand now, raising capital for a femtech…

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