The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Winston-Salem entrepreneur has a right-on-time business

By Busta Brown

2020 was a rough year for both big and small businesses due to COVID-19. Even now in 2021, many small businesses continue to suffer due to lack of customers. 

So, what do you do? 

You remain resilient and get creative. Beverly Davis did just that. “My mother told me to never depend on anyone, so I started my own business. I wanted to do something that I would be comfortable doing with my children when they get older. Having my own business allows me to have financial freedom, I can dedicate more time to my two children and teach them the way as well,” shared Beverly Davis. 

Her business offers something most of us that are on the go or have children don’t have a lot of time or energy to do: our laundry! On June 21 Beverly launched Triad Mobile Laundry in Winston-Salem. As we were talking, I was thinking about the pile of laundry I have to deal with and how to schedule a day and time for the mother of…

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