The Day – Waterford men open scooter rental business in time for summer season

Waterford _ “Why not us?”

That’s what three cousins asked themselves as they considered opening the town’s newest summertime attraction, Shoreline Scooter Rentals.

After opening Memorial Day weekend, they now hope to bring to town a new summertime hobby: riding motor scooters.

“We put this together with the intention of providing something that has never been done in this area,” said Nathan Hurt, the business’ head of analytics and digital content.

Hurt, along with family members Felix Cosme and Charles Reynolds IV, offer several high performing motor scooters at their location at 35 Great Neck Road.

“We like to travel,” said Reynolds, the business’s head of finance. “Whenever we go into a new state or area we’ve never been to, the best way to see it is renting scooters… it gives a whole new look to the area.”

They were all motivated by the prospect that most shoreline communities offer scooters but Waterford did not.

“We’re just three…

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