The Grocery Business Is Going To Get Much More Competitive

The grocery aisle is going to get a lot harder to make money in.


During the pandemic, home delivery and customer pickup of groceries exploded. Those changes are now significantly impacting the future of the grocery business, making the business harder and more competitive than before. There are two components to the increase in competitiveness in grocery; one is in home delivery and the other is in-store.

Home Delivery

Manhattan, in New York City, is an ideal place to test out home delivery because the population density makes delivery efficient and it’s a good first place to focus on for grocery delivery. With the realization that the grocery delivery business is here to stay, a lot of capital is rushing into the market to gain market share. A startup called Buyk raised $46 million in June and another startup called JOKR raised $170 million in July. Fresh Direct, one of the longstanding leaders in Manhattan…

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