This Crazy Catalog Makes You Want to Start a New Business

There are very few publications that you can open to any page and find something interesting. If you’re an entrepreneur, the fabled Uline catalog is definitely one of those publications.

At 795 pages (excluding index), and printed in full color on glossy paper, it weighs almost as much as my cat. And it contains (as it says on the back cover in an uncharacteristically cheesy font) “everything under the sun to help your business run.”

Just to be clear, I’ve never talked to anybody at Uline, I’ve never ordered anything from Uline, and I have no idea why they send me this catalog. But every time it arrives, I sit down and page through it, usually for an hour or more.

As I’m writing this column, I’m opening to a random page. 

OK. Here are different kinds of laser labels: labels that lift off easily, labels that cover up old labels, weather resistant labels, clear labels, and something called a “placard label holder,” whatever the heck that is.

Another random…

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