This Woman-Owned Business Wants To Help You Have A Plastic-Free Kitchen

This small woman-owned business wants to help revive American farms through her textiles.

Kitchen Garden Textiles

From costume designer to entrepreneur, Heidi Barr is not only bringing more eco-friendly solutions to your kitchen, but supporting farmers that are trying to revive crops such as flax in America. Her neutral offerings are designed to fit into any home, and her passion for agriculture, nature, and all things beauty shines through in this small women-led team she’s cultivated in the past decade.

Barr spent much of her career as a costume designer crafting costumes out of synthetic fabrics. They were not recyclable, and definitely not biodegradable. As time wore on, it dawned on her that this was not fitting in with her own personal ethos of living more sustainably.

 So she set out to be an entrepreneur — and a self-funded one. She juggled two jobs till she could create a strong market for Kitchen Garden…

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