To hell and back –

The leather-bound Bible sat beside him as he lay on his deathbed.

Tara Williams-Harrington had asked the nurses to keep it close. Her husband was a man of God, a minister at the Union Baptist Church in Orange who found solace in his faith.

For 12 long days, the sacred book remained next to Daryl Harrington — his name embossed on its cover — as COVID-19 ravaged his body.

“Even after he was intubated, I was adamant about them making sure that his Bible was laying in his bed on him or near him somewhere,” Tara said of the nurses at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, who could be there when COVID protocols kept her out.

While Daryl fought for his life in the spring of 2020, her world was collapsing. The education enrichment business she owned had been decimated by the pandemic. Then Daryl, 52, got sick. Then he died on April 18, 2020.

Her husband was gone. Her company was on the brink of failure. And she was wracked with debt, having lost Daryl’s…

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