Trump’s Team Hung Out With Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Instead of Prepping for His First GOP Debate

  • Trump’s team traded stories with guitarist Joe Perry in Cleveland in 2015 before a debate.
  • Trump’s offhand quip about womanizing annoyed Perry.
  • Steven Tyler was Trump’s guest at the debate, but later barred him from using Aerosmith music.
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Donald Trump insulted Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry an hour before the first GOP presidential debate in 2015, ruining the unconventional love fest with a skeevy remark about casual sex. 

The unexpected meeting ended on a sour note, according to Insider’s exhaustive oral history of Trump’s takeover of the Republican party, after the self-styled “playboy” glorified groupie culture. 

“On the way out the door, Trump says something about, ‘Rock stars have all the ladies,’ which apparently Perry got mad at, because he’s been…

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