Unfinished Business of the 2021 General Assembly – Maryland Matters

Photo by Angela Breck.

First, I want to acknowledge all the achievements of the 2021 Maryland General Assembly. Trying to operate in the time of COVID had tremendous difficulties.

The accomplishments of this session cannot be minimized. The General Assembly passed critical legislation to fund HBCUs and to protect immigrant rights, repealed the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights, and overturned the governor’s veto of the Blueprint for the Maryland’s Future funding education. Gov. Larry Hogan has vetoed over 30 bills, but with Democratic supermajorities, the legislature will undoubtedly override all these vetoes.

But I still have to ask the question: Why doesn’t more progressive legislation get passed in the General Assembly? Year after year, there are overwhelming Democratic majorities in the House of Delegates and the state Senate, but critical legislation does not get passed by the General Assembly.

Here are some bills that should have been passed in…

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