US-China business: the necessary reinvention of Huawei

When Meng Wanzhou returned home to China at the weekend, the presumed heiress of technology group Huawei pledged to harness the lessons of almost three years in legal limbo in Canada to the benefit of her company.

“All the frustration and difficulties, gratitude and emotion, steadfastness and responsibility,” she told a flag-waving welcome crowd on the tarmac at Shenzhen airport, “will transform into momentum for moving us forward, into courage for our all-out fight.”

Huawei will need all the momentum and courage it can muster.

By agreeing to a deferred charges deal over allegations of violating US sanctions against Iran, Meng averted the threat of a lengthy prison sentence and closed a chapter that she said had turned her life upside down. But her company expects to remain a target of US prosecution and sanctions for years to come, and is only just figuring out how to do business under that pressure.

Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou was met by crowds…

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