Vaccine mandate hits LA bars. How will business owners enforce it?

Gus Renaud has required customers to provide proof of vaccination to sip wine at his Sherman Oaks wine bar since August. He says his customers wanted it.

“We were hearing some of [our customers] were waiting to come back without it,” says Renaud, co-owner of Augustine Wine Bar. 

Now, other business owners can only hope their customers and employees are as supportive of vaccination as Renaud’s. 

Beginning October 7, everyone who enters a bar, wine bar, brewery, lounge, or nightclub will be required to show proof of at least one COVID-19 shot. Full vaccination will be required by November 4.

The LA City Council, meanwhile, is close to passing a sweeping indoor vaccine mandate for a host of other businesses, including barbershops, nail salons, gyms, and restaurants. The council could pass that measure as soon as next week.

Augustine Wine Bar did get some negative feedback. Renaud says, “We were called Nazis. It was referred to as segregation by…

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