Vikings Pregame Reunion with Browns HC Kevin Stefanski to be All-Business by Kickoff 

Things will be no different, Patterson noted, when the Vikings and Browns face off.

“I have a great deal of respect for Kevin. I love him,” he said. “But I want to beat him on Sunday. … It’s not about him. It’s about his players. And for us to win the game, that’s what we have to understand.”

And it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a familiarity with Stefanski’s offense and coaching style, either, which Patterson and the Vikings of course do.

Stefanski’s offenses are known for implementing lots of pre-snap motions – or “eye candy,” as Patterson calls it – in aim of throwing the defense off-kilter. The Vikings defense faced it daily when Stefanski was the offensive coordinator in Minnesota, and the unit will need to be prepped to see those movements again.

“We practiced against this every day. But now what we’ve got to do is defeat the guys he has there,” Patterson said. “We have to play against…

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