Wall Street worries, retail sales rise


As stock prices peak, markets begin to fear looming threats

NEW YORK (AP) — With the U.S. economy humming, corporate profits flowing and stock prices peaking, investors on Wall Street are beginning to pose an anxious question: Is it all downhill from here? Financial markets are always trying to set prices now for where the economy and corporate profits are likely to be in the future. Even though readings across the economy are still at eye-popping levels, investors see some areas of concern. New variants of the coronavirus are threatening to weaken economies around the world. Inflation is raging as supplies of goods and components fall short of surging demand. And the beginning of the end of the Federal Reserve’s assistance for markets is coming into sight.


US retail sales rose 0.6% in June, better than decline seen

NEW YORK (AP) — Americans spent more last month on clothing and dining out as the economy opened up amid fewer pandemic-related…

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