Wauwatosa woman runs ‘Chase My Creations’ business

Chloe Longmire moved away from Wauwatosa six years ago. She didn’t feel welcome there at times. 

But in 2021, she moved back, hoping to be a part of the change she said needs to happen in the city, regarding policing and anti-racism work.

She’s a member of Tosa Moms Tackling Racism, a group that grew out of the protests and calls for change after the murder of George Floyd. The group is pushing for systemic change in Wauwatosa. 

“I’m going back to Tosa because this stuff has to change,” Longmire said. 

She’s doing her part through Chase My Creations, a racial justice-inspired crafts and apparel business. 

“Tolerating racism is racism.”

“White silence is violence.”

“I won’t be quiet so you can be comfortable.”

“Juneteenth is my Independence Day.” 

These are just a few of the messages Longmire puts on her shirts, which she sells online and at local markets and fairs. 

She hopes the messages on the shirts start conversations and get people…

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