What the Tech? Can Linq Replace Traditional Business Cards?

Posted: Oct 1, 2021 4:07 PM CDT

Every now and then I find a tech gadget that truly changes the way I do fairly routine things. Like sharing contact information.

At a business conference I attended this week I watched dozens of people making new contacts and trying to add them to their contacts list or find them on LinkedIn. I never saw anyone offering a business card and when I asked around, everyone said they no longer carry them.

One person even laughed and said, “I don’t use business cards, I’m a millennial.”

Say this about business cards though, they sure make it easy to exchange information about yourself or your business. Without a card of some kind, people routinely swap phone numbers like this:

Person A: “send me a text with your number and I’ll add you.”
Person B: “got it, what’s your name and company…

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