With Putin Across the Table, It’s Best to Stick to Business

I credit Timothy Stabosz’s studious effort (Letters, June 24) to refute Mike Watson’s argument that foreign policy is “strictly business” (“Biden’s Personal Touch Doesn’t Amount to a Foreign Policy,” op-ed, June 18). But I can’t overlook that Mr. Watson’s article is predicated on the summit between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, an inconvenient fact that takes not a little of the billow out of the letter’s power of persuasion.

Ronald Reagan and George Shultz may have gotten on famously with their Soviet counterparts, but, unhappily, the thesis extends only so far. Applied to Mr. Putin, whose machinations preclude even a whiff of trust, the idea of collaborative statecraft is far-fetched.

Anthony Crebbin

Kansas City, Mo.

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