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Investing in equities can provide long-term growth in your investment portfolio. Deposit rates remain low and have moved into negative territory. Share values can increase over time and while markets can fluctuate, the key is to hold a diversified portfolio.

As an independent investment firm, Stratford Management Inc. has the ability to choose from a broad range of financial products and services that will best fit your personal needs. Products include the following.

Our capital market professionals interface with a worldwide network of institutional investors making us a trusted source of information and deal flow to the global institutional investment community.

Whether it is a one-off transaction, short-term trading or long-term investment, we cater to all types of investors. Our relationships with major international brokers and institutions ensure that we achieve the best market price for your trades. Our core portfolio is a collection of respected equity names and it has enjoyed substantial annual returns since its inception.

Full Service Stockbroking & Wealth Management

An investment is a commitment of funds made in expectation of a positive rate of return in the future. The motive behind investment varies from person – for most investors, however, their interest is primarily to earn a return on their money. But the return on a stock market security is subject to risk. Risk refers to the uncertainty surrounding actual realization of the rate of return offered by an investment. The time element refers to the period of waiting required to reap the reward. Accordingly, most early investment decisions have three key aspects:return, risk, and time. Investors’ goals are usually expressed in terms of return – the hard fact is that in most cases return and risk are inseparable.

Our full-service stockbroking advisory solutions are designed to help investors maximise investment performance and effectively manage their portfolio and exposures, thereby mitigating the risk factor.

Creating Your Path for Growth

Partnering with a private offshore investment firm like Stratford Management Inc., you have the unique opportunity to create a highly personalized investment plan and work closely with your advisor in managing your investment portfolio and financial assets.

Our goal is to provide you with a personalized financial plan that successfully outlines the current and potential investments that will get you to your long-term goals.

Leveraging Strategic Financial Partnerships

We partner with a variety of professionals to bring you a comprehensive suite of investment-related services needed to reach your goals. This includes financial planning, investment management, college education planning, retirement planning, asset protection, insurance and tax planning.

With access to securities markets in over fifty countries, Stratford Management Inc. is firmly positioned to integrates global stocks and bonds into your portfolio and will do so when it is to your advantage.

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Wealth Management

We regard full-servicewealth management as a partnership between you and your adviser. Together, you’ll workto identify and understand your needs and thendetermine an investment strategy and model portfolio. Our advisers will help you with decisions about investing in international shares, IPOs and other asset classes. Your investments are monitored and reviewed regularly and we proactively recommend adjustments when necessary.

Our Portfolio Managers

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals provide fast, efficient, and reliable service to meet your needs.

What it Takes to Succeed with Your Portfolio

We highly value our clients’ trust and business. Therefore, we are deeply committed to providing them with innovative solutions, protecting their interests and safeguarding their privacy.Our expert investment team consistently delivers superior service that should exceed your expectations at every turn.

Our core business revolves around individual clients who are seeking to take advantage of offshore investment opportunities.Other clients include institutions, hedge funds, and portfolio managers who are looking to consolidate assets, access global capital markets, borrow securities, obtain optimal margining and financing, and receive comprehensive reporting.

Stratford Management Inc. offers a complete range of innovative services that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Portfolio Construction & Management

Our portfolio management solutions are designed to help investors maximise investment performance and effectively manage their wealth. As a client receiving portfolio management, the level of service can be adapted to your requirements. Whether you are seeking full-service advice, general advice on exposures, strategies and opportunities or the straightforward trade execution, our friendly and experienced advisers can assist.

Tailored Advice

We value our reputation for offering high quality, tailor-made investment solutions to offshore investors. Each client is unique, and their portfolio requires a specialized approach to the market. We constantly strive to deliver the highest level of service to help you achieve the results you seek.

It is up to you to choose which type of account and style of advice is most appropriate. You decide your level of involvement in creating and managing your portfolio, and we provide as much professional advice and support as you require.

We match our service to your requirements and support you every step of the way. If you are unsure which type of account is right for you, we would be happy to discuss your options.

For personal advice clients, our advisers work together with you to understand your unique requirements and develop an investment strategy that best conforms to your financial situation, investment goals and appetite for risk.

Tailored Advice

Guided Solutions - Advisory

Guided Solutions - Discretionary

We are committed to servicing the unique needs of international investors, both large and small.

Other Considerations

We have been working closely with our private clients since 1995 and offer a range of trading options that carefully consider risk and return in line with your investment objectives. Our team of investment professionals is renowned for providing superior service to our clients and you will be appointed a designated stockbroker or portfolio manager to look after your account.


Why Invest in Equities?

Collective Funds: Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

An ETF is an investment fund that trades on a stock exchange, much like equities, but which provides exposure to a variety of assets. Investing in an ETF is a cost-effective way for you to achieve returns from indices such as the FTSE or the S&P 500 without having to purchase each individual stock. They are effectively an entire market wrapped up in one share as they invest in a basket of securities from a particular index.

Why Invest in ETFs?

Investors benefit from the best of both stock and investment fund characteristics, with instant market access at competitive cost levels and with substantial daily liquidity. Through the efficiency of ETFs, you can access major equity indices, emerging markets, commodities, currencies, bonds, alternative investments and leveraged index ETFs.

Collective Funds: Investment Trusts

An investment trust is a publicly listed company, designed to generate profits for its shareholders by investing in the shares of other companies. Shares in investment trusts are traded on the exchange so investors can buy and sell from the market, rather than dealing with a fund management company.

Why Invest in Investment Trusts?

Investors can gain from cost-effective exposure to a diversified and professionally-run portfolio covering a range of markets, sectors and companies. Risk is spread out more than if reliant on the success of one or even a handful of investments. A trust’s manager can also borrow money to increase market exposure in order to support returns in rising markets.

Institutional Sales

Market Participation Liquidity

Stratford Management Inc. maintains strong relationships with market-makers to access liquidity for our broker dealer and institutional clients. We know that a combination of innovative digital trading platforms and exceptional client service are necessary to achieve the best execution practices.

Our trading desk is comprised of respected industry professionals who have extensive experience with both boutique and well-known large firm trading desks prior to joining Stratford Management Inc.

We have direct connections to premium trading platforms that allow us to provide our clients with superior executions and comprehensive trade reporting. System response may vary due to a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions, system performance, and other factors.

As an independent, offshore firm, we are mindful that your interests come first.

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