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Stratford Management Advisory Services

With Stratford Management, you get comprehensive advice that ensures the best possible results for your investments. Together with your personal Stratford Management investment advisor, you’ll make decisions based on your tailored investment plan. 

Stratford clients work closely with a dedicated investment advisor, who can draw on the expertise of all Stratford departments. We continually monitor your portfolio and provide proactive guidance whenever market conditions change. This ensures you always make optimal decisions where your investments are concerned.

Personalized Investment Advice

Your relationship with your investment advisor is the foundation of all our services. Our advisors place great importance on getting to know you, so we have a precise grasp on your needs, objectives and personal situation. This forms the basis of your customized investment plan. Building long-term relationships with our clients is the heart of everything we do. Trust is built over time based on reliability, results and transparency.

As an essential part of providing investment advice, your Stratford advisor will keep in regular contact with you in order to fine tune recommendations, keeping you on track to meet your objectives, needs and goals. Stratford advisors have access to a worldwide range of investments, supported by the expertise of our research and trading specialists.

Also key to our wealth management services, we actively monitor your portfolio to make sure that each and every investment is in line with your individual investment plan. The structure of your portfolio and each specific investment are part of the strategy employed to ensure you achieve your goals. Decisions are also guided by our analysis of global financial markets and world economies. We use these insights to assess the prospects, over various time horizons, for general asset classes as well as individual securities.

The Stratford Advantage

Tailored Strategy

Your personal investment plan directs the strategies implemented to meet all of your financial needs and life goals.


Stratford Management investment advisors are experienced professionals. They keep a close eye on global financial markets and all individual holdings.

Portfolio Management

While keeping a long-term focus, we regularly fine-tune your portfolio and look for opportunities to maximize your returns.

Regular Communication

Regular contact between clients and their advisor builds long-term trusting relationships that are the essence of wealth management.

Global Opportunities

Gain access to the best investment opportunities wherever they are in the world. Diversification is key to wealth appreciation and capital preservation.

World-Class Research

Our analysts actively monitor all assets under administration and search the globe for new investments to benefit our clientele.

What We Offer

Investment Advisory

Our full-service advisory solutions are designed to help investors maximize investment performance and ensure objective decision-making. You will work closely with your advisor and together establish an investment strategy specific to your needs, goals and values. This will guide asset allocation decisions, portfolio construction and planning for future scenarios.

Portfolio Management

Your investment advisor draws on experienced Stratford professionals from all departments to invest your assets according to your established specifications. At all times, you have full control over every investment decision. While we maintain a long-term outlook, we closely monitor all holdings so we can be responsive to the dynamic and complex nature of the financial markets.

Wealth Planning

Comprehensive wealth planning involves optimizing international asset allocations, minimizing tax, preserving capital and ensuring your directives are met for the next generation. Advanced planning saves time, money and stress down the road. We work closely with clients’ legal and tax professionals to ensure you and your loved ones are well protected.

Diversified Investment Products

Optimize investment returns using a range of traditional and alternative investment classes. Clients of Stratford Management have access to global equities, IPOs, private placements and specialized assets. Your portfolio should reflect your personal values. Whether there is a sector you wish to either support or exclude, we respect all directives without judgement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many different securities are required for diversification?

Statistically, the optimal number of holdings is between 5 and 13. A minimum of 5 significantly reduces risk. Above 13, there is little marginal benefit.

What are Sustainable Investments?

Sustainable investments refer to companies that incorporate certain values in their business practices, for example environmental protection or social practices, and still provide an opportunity for profit.

How can I invest in gold?

People invest in gold in many ways. You can buy the physical metal, shares in companies that produce gold, ETFs that invest in gold companies, and gold-based derivative products.

Does Stratford Management have an online trading platform?

No. We are a full-service investment company.

What do precious metal funds invest in?

In addition to gold and silver, the most valuable precious metals in the world today are rhodium, palladium, iridium and platinum.