200 businesses hit by ransomware after breach at Florida IT firm

WASHINGTON, July 2 (Reuters) – Cybersecurity company Huntress Labs said on Friday that 200 American businesses have been hit by ransomware attacks following an incident at U.S. IT firm Kaseya in Miami.

Kaseya, in a statement posted on its own website, said it is investigating a “potential attack” on a widely used tool to reach into corporate networks across the United States.

In the statement, Kaseya said its VSA tool – which is used by IT professionals to monitor and manage servers, desktops, network devices and printers – may have been attacked.

It said it had shut down some of its infrastructure in response and that it was urging customers that used VSA on their premises to immediately turn off their servers.

“This is a colossal and devastating supply chain attack,” Huntress senior security researcher John Hammond said in an email, referring to an increasingly high profile hacker technique of hijacking one piece of software to compromise hundreds or…

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