5 Steps To Protect Your Business From Supply Chain Disruptions

By Terry Ingram and Michael Evans

The pandemic exposed how unexpected disruptions to a company’s supply chain can cripple its business … [+] operations.


What supply chain manager doesn’t dread getting the news that the goods are not going to show up at the dock on time? And for some, a shipment that’s merely late but does eventually show up is good news. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many shipments simply never showed up at all, leaving businesses scrambling to fill empty orders.

Case in point is the auto industry, crippled by the lack of computer chips due to supply chain issues, which resulted in decreased automobile production, increased used car prices, and numerous lost customers. News headlines reported things like “acute shortages of supplies” and “global supply chain disruptions” that led to “companies from Apple to Nintendo announcing shipping and manufacturing delays.” The truth is, our supply…

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