A bang-up job: Fireworks enthusiast turns hobby into business | Life & Arts

Jim Wall’s vision of heaven is perhaps a bit louder, with a lot more sparkle, than most.

“This is just something that I’d loved to do all my life,” he said, looking around a tent full of explosive fun waiting to happen at his Jim’s Backyard Fireworks tent in Elkview. “Before they were legal, we used to go out of state. A bunch of us would pitch in and help, me and my brother-in-laws and my friends and a couple of neighbors. We would all pitch in and get a truck load and do like a three-hour show.”

It was always a private show for family and friends, the kind of thing everyone did back then, he said. But there’s the sense his was one of the best shows around.

In fact, he’d been such a good customer that when consumer fireworks were legalized in West Virginia back in 2016, the Pennsylvania company he bought from contacted him.

“They called me up and said, ‘Hey, West Virginia is legalizing fireworks….

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