A dream blossoms into a business for florist

Ross Blakeman, 24, owner of Rosebud and Company at 207 S. State St., grew up creating floral arrangements along with his grandmother. 

His grandmother used to work at a Millard Florist shop in Beardstown and Blakeman would spend his summers there at the floral shop. 

”She had me making little flower arrangements,” he said. 

Working on floral arrangements comes from a passion, he said. He said he wanted to be like his grandmother, doing what she did as a florist. 

“Everyone loves my grandma and I’ve spent so many times at the floral shop. I’m envisioning myself there. It was just so much fun,” he said. 

Blakeman and his grandmother would change the window displays together at Millard Florist shop. 

“It’s definitely a passion because not only did my grandma get me started but I’ve always been in awe of growing things…

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