Accused of ripping off thousands of veterans, business owner says their anger is ‘warranted’ | Investigations

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A northwest Tennessee man who is accused of taking the money of more than 23,600 people nationwide – many of them veterans – by failing to deliver custom wooden flags, told News4 Investigates that his customers should be angry.

The Tennessee Attorney General’s Office is asking a judge to issue a summary judgement in its case against Justin Scott, who owned the company Rustic Flag in Trenton, TN.

“We’ve gathered the facts. There’s been a violation of Tennessee law, instead of going to trial, let’s just rule on this,” Tennessee Attorney General Communications Director Samantha Fisher said.

The state attorney general requested in court filings that the court issue a judgement of $3,639,019.95 for the 23,645 customers who do not receive their custom flags.

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