After devastating fire, Cartersville business owners try to help employees

CARTERSVILLE, Ga – An automotive business in Cartersville was destroyed by flames over the weekend. The owners suffered a devastating loss, but they’re pushing aside their own troubles and doing something to help their employees. Several of the employees were inside KO Automotive when the fire broke out.  

“Definitely a surreal moment, it happened so quickly,” said owner Chris Martin.

Bright orange flames, surrounded by thick black smoke, devoured KO Automotive Saturday afternoon.  The fire shot through the building burning up cars in its path. Gas and other liquids inside fueled the flames. In minutes, a family business was gone.

“In about eight minutes the whole building was engulfed in flames,” said owner Felicity Martin.

Owners Chris and Felicity Martin were out of town. Surveillance video shows their employees running around doing everything they can.  Some were moving cars out of the way while others tried to put out the fire.

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