Amazon Care in Talks With Aetna, Other Health Insurers to Go in Network

  • Amazon’s medical service has approached several health plans to become a covered benefit.
  • That would allow Amazon to reach more people and more companies.
  • But Amazon Care isn’t set up to do business the way some of the health plans want.
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Amazon’s fledgling medical-care service is approaching big health insurers, including Aetna, in an attempt to persuade them to pay for it, but it’s struggling to get some of them on board.

Securing health-insurance coverage would be a crucial milestone for Amazon Care as it seeks to expand to more people and more companies across the US. Right now, Amazon Care works with big companies that pay it directly, including Amazon itself, Precor, and a few others.

Amazon Care has approached Aetna, which is owned by CVS Health,…

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