An economic outlook for Colorado Springs moving forward

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — Economic leaders in Colorado Springs say the Pike Peak Region is well positioned to ride out supply chain and inflation issues.

“We’re really fortunate in Colorado Springs to have industries like aerospace, cybersecurity, and some manufacturing of products that people need in order for national security, for their cell phones to work, and those sorts of things,” said Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, Chief Economic Development Officer, Cecilia Harry.

Inflation and supply chain issues are economic realities that cannot be ignored.

“Obviously inflation is a concern,” said Harry, “That’s a real thing to be paying attention to in the community.”

But, the types of industries feeding the economy in the Pikes Peak region offer some stability.

An economy is about all kinds of business both big and small.

The success of small local retailers is one part of the economic puzzle.

Retail space vacancy in downtown Colorado Springs is currently…

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