Analysis: Nintendo is running its new Switch console business by an old set of rules

The new Switch OLED. (Nintendo Image)

What isn’t in the new Nintendo Switch model is as interesting as what is, and it tells you a lot about both Nintendo’s business strategy and how it sees people using the system.

Nintendo announced Tuesday that a new version of its console, the Switch OLED, will come out Oct. 8, alongside the recently-announced Metroid Dread.

The existence of a new model was leaked months ago and consumer speculation has been rampant ever since. The Switch is currently the best-selling game console in the world, and has been for more than two years, but it’s not without its flaws.

It’s a low-powered system by design, for example, with a fraction of the horsepower of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Many consumers and analysts have openly fantasized about the possibility of a “Switch Pro,” an upgraded edition like Microsoft’s Xbox One X, that would bring the Switch’s graphics closer to par with…

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