Army Ranger Principles For Running Your Business

396865 02: SSG Michael Connor, 5th Ranger Training Battalion, demonstrates proper patrolling … [+] techniques to Ranger students in an undated photo. (Photo by Mitch Frazier/U.S. Army/Getty Images)

Getty Images

by Dustin Siggins

Jeramiah Solven knows all about the value of working with the right team — it’s literally saved his life on military deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I’ve been on missions where 1,000 troops were dropped into an airfield at night, cleared out enemy troops, conducted off-site raids and departed before the sun came up,” said Solven, a former Army Ranger who led raids against high value targets from insurgent forces. 

“One of the most important lessons I learned is that the proficiency of your people and systems is directly proportional to your level of success — and that technology and systems are second to having the right team members,” he said.


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