Behind Biden’s booming economy |

With 2021’s year-end jobs numbers now fresh off the press, there’s been a lot of chatter about the economy’s “record” performance under President Biden, who was widely praised on Friday for jumpstarting the economy amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 

“This was the greatest jobs growth year in modern American history,” tweeted Jesse Kelly, Senior Advisor for Communications to the National Economic Council. “And it’s not even close.”  

“Without a single Republican vote, our Democratic Majorities in Congress and Pres. Biden rescued our economy,” echoed Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “delivering the strongest 1st year economic performance of any Administration in 40+ years.”

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According to a Washington Post analysis, the U.S. gained back 6.4 million jobs throughout 2021 – more than any year on record. The nation also saw unemployment…

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