Better Business Bureau gives tips to avoid buying a used car with pre-existing issues

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Anthony Cook vented to 19 News about the used car he purchased in November.

He said he didn’t get the tags and the car didn’t pass the state emissions test.

Cook added that the dealership told him the car was sold as-is.

That means he has little to no recourse if a repair is needed.

“I need to get around, I need to have a reliable vehicle,” Cook said.

The Better Business Bureau steered us to Cook and others like him.

The BBB said there was a shortage of new and used cars during the pandemic, and there still is as we emerge from it.

“Folks that normally would have wanted to buy a new car are not able to buy a new car,” said Director of Operations Ericka Dilworth.

Dilworth recommends having a mechanic look at the car, look at the carfax of the car, and look at the vehicle history of the car.

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