Build a digital ops toolbox to streamline business processes with hyperautomation – TechCrunch

Boopathy Rajendran

Boopathy Rajendran is the senior vice president and heads global delivery and services at Vuram, a hyperautomation services company specializing in low-code enterprise automation.

Reliance on a single technology as a lifeline is a futile battle now. When simple automation no longer does the trick, delivering end-to-end automation needs a combination of complementary technologies that can give a facelift to business processes: the digital operations toolbox.

According to a McKinsey survey, enterprises that have likely been successful with digital transformation efforts adopted sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things or machine learning. Enterprises can achieve hyperautomation with the digital ops toolbox, the hub for your digital operations.

The hyperautomation market is burgeoning: Analysts predict that by 2025, it will reach…

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